Beard Papa's Sawtelle Blvd.

  • Beard Papa's exterior
  • Beard Papa's interior
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  • Beard Papa's exterior
  • Beard Papa's interior
  • Beard Papa's signage
2130 Sawtelle Blvd.
Ste. #110
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Business summary

  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Outdoor parking
  • Dessert

Beard Papa's famous cream puffs

Beard Papa's is a Japanese pastry franchise best known for its cream puffs in a wide variety of flavor, including chocolate and vanilla. They spend over two hours preparing their whipped cream custard several times a day, and immediately add the cream into their custards right before serving. Beard Papa's custards are made with all-natural ingredients and imported vanilla beans. This Sawtelle Blvd. location serves West Los Angeles and is located in "Little Osaka," an area known for its many Japanese restaurants and shops.


Beard Papa's cream puffs come in a variety of flavors, including original vanilla, green tea, earl grey, strawberry, coffee, pumpkin, eclair, and chocolate. They also serve mochi ice cream, fondant au chocolate, mango ice treats, mont-blanc, and cheesecake.


Beard Papa's is located on the first floor of the Sawtelle Place complex located on the northeast corner of Sawtelle Blvd. and Olympic Blvd.


There is a garage and lot within the Sawtelle Place complex which requires validation, as well as metered parking along Sawtelle Blvd.

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